1706 The Taiping Rebellion

The clang of gongs hung in the heavy air of an August day, 1860. Waving their yellow flags, the rebels in their red turbans and colorful garb marched closer and closer to Shanghai – until artillery erupted from the city walls and sent them scurrying for cover. Yet the rebels would not fire back. At last they withdrew, scratching their heads that the British and French troops were killing them, not greeting them as Christian brothers. For these rebels had been baptized and had no quarrel with the foreigners of Shanghai. And their enemy was the same Chinese government that Anglo-French forces on that same day battled in the north….

This episode was written by Scott Forbes Crawford. Based in Beijing, China, Scott wears a variety of hats as a writer. He recently completed a novel following the adventures of a Roman soldier in ancient China. He is also the co-writer of an action-thriller film slated for production next year.

For The History Network, Scott previously scripted Season 14, Episode 2, “The Battle of Carrhae”