1804 Operation Foxley: The Assassination of Hitler

On the 23rd July 1998, the Public Records Office published a number of files, that had previously been held in secret, in respect of activities planned and undertaken by the Special Operations Executive, or SOE, in Western Europe during the Second World War.

Of itself, this was a fairly unremarkable event and might well have passed by relatively unnoticed but for the fact that one of these files related to a plan, codenamed Operation Foxley. This had been put together by SOE’s Section X, which had responsibility for operations relating to Germany and Austria.

What made Operation Foxley so interesting was the fact that it described a hitherto unknown and unsuspected plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler at the height of the conflict. Although this operation was never put into practice, it nonetheless captures the imagination about the minds of the people who were tasked with pulling the plan together.

This episode was written by Paul Bernadi

Paul works in IT for a major financial institution, but has long held a love of all things historical. Paul studied history at Leeds University in the late 1980s, graduating with a Master’s degree in Anglo-Saxon History. Paul is also a published author, his debut novel To the Devil His Due (based on the subject of this podcast) was published in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon in the UK, US and Europe earlier this year.