1805 Marcus Agrippa: Right-Hand Man of Caesar Augustus

In elegant bronze capitals, the name ‘M. AGRIPPA’ graces one of the most famous and iconic buildings to survive from antiquity, the domed Pantheon in Rome. He was one of Ancient Rome’s most remarkable sons, and the best friend and general of Caesar Augustus. Yet the extraordinary story of his rise from obscurity to be the second most important man in the Roman World is known to remarkably few.

This episode was written by Lindsay Powell.

LINDSAY is a historian and writer with a passion for the history of the Roman Empire. He is a columnist for Ancient Warfare and his articles have appeared in many other military history magazines. Lindsay is the author of EAGER FOR GLORY (a groundbreaking biography of Drusus the Elder discussed in season 11 episode 3) and GERMANICUS (discussed in season 15 episode 9). His latest book, MARCUS AGRIPPA, is the first biography of Caesar Augustus’s right-hand man to be published in English in nearly 80 years.