1906 Protecting Hitler

Ian Kershaw in the opening of his biography titled Hitler, presents the reader with the following question: “Has this been Hitler’s Century?”.

Kershaw goes on to demonstrate that it was, as he writes:

“Hitler’s dictatorship, far more than that of Stalin or Mao, has the quality of a paradigm for the twentieth century. In extreme and intense fashion it reflected, among other things, the total claim of the modern state, unforeseen levels of state repression and violence, previously unparalleled manipulation of the media to control and mobilize the mass, unprecedented cynicism in international relations, the acute dangers of ultra-nationalism, immensely destructive power of ideologies of racial superiority and ultimate consequence of racism, alongside the perverted usage of modern technology and ‘social engineering’.”

It all ended in 1945 with a single shot that echoes on the pages of history to this very day. Hitler was dead, with the Red Army at his doorstep and Germany occupied by the Allies. However, Hitler did not die in an SOE, OSS, NKVD or even NAZI plot to forcefully oust him from power.

This episode was written by Matthew Gawelczyk.

Matthew holds a collaborative Bachelor of Arts in History from Mount Royal University and Athabasca University in Alberta Canada. History have been his passion since the earliest days. Born in Danzig Poland, Matthew moved with his family to the Mazurian Lakes of North Eastern Poland where his passion for History grew among tales and ruins of former East Prussia. Currently Matthew resides in Calgary where he continues to pursue his passion.