2104 The Battle of Franklin

As night fell on July 4, 1863, the fate of the Confederate States of America had been sealed.  General Robert E. Lee’s second attempt to invade the Union had been turned back at Gettysburg with heavy and irreplaceable losses.  In the west the city of Vicksburg surrendered to Ulysses Grant, severing the Eastern and Western portions of the Confederacy and denying the Confederates use of the Mississippi River.  The Confederacy would fight the remainder of the war on the defensive, with steadily dwindling resources.

This episode was written by Thomas Hall.

A US citizen, Tom holds a degree in history from Cornell College and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin.  He is co-author of a number of references regarding technology law, but his heart remains in history.  As a military historian, he refers to himself as an “armchair field marshal.”  A former resident of Franklin, Tennessee, he roomed in one of the homes pressed into service as a field hospital.  Indeed, local tradition holds that Confederate General States Rights Gist died in his former bedroom.