2210 Burma 1944-45

“On December 14, 1944 an unusual order rang across the Imphal plain:  “Lieutenant Generals, by the left flank; march.”  So ended the investiture ceremony in which William Slim and his three corps commanders – Geoffrey Scoones, Philip Christison and Montague Stopford  – had been knighted by the Viceroy of India  Archibald Wavell.  The laurels were well earned. In the 1943-44 campaign season Slim’s 14th Army had crushed the Japanese invasion of India, inflicting massive casualties and seizing several bridgeheads on the Chindwin River. Their reward was mixed.  The commanders were knighted, and ordered to drive the Japanese from Burma.”

This episode was written by Thomas Hall.

A US citizen, Tom holds a degree in history from Cornell College and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin.  He is co-author of a number of references regarding technology law, but his heart remains in history.  As a military historian, he refers to himself as an “armchair field marshal.