2305 The Battle of Worringen, part 1

“The Limburg War of Succession began in 1283, and ended with the Battle of Worringen on June 5, 1288, fought fifteen kilometers north of Cologne. On this day, Duke Jean Ier of Brabant fought Count Henry VI of Luxembourg for the rights to the Duchy of Limburg. The specifics of the battle come to us from a single source—Jan van Heelu’s epic verse, Rymkronyk. A member of the Teutonic Order, he witnessed the battle while serving in the duke of Brabant’s court. His written account demonstrates not only his knowledge of knightly conduct, but also battlefield tactics, as well as the underlying political and social tensions of the time. “

This episode was written by Thomas E. Sprimont.

Thomas has a B.S. in Computer-Aided Design, as well as an M.S. in Software Engineering. His life-long interest in history prompted him to earn an MA in History from The California State University, Fullerton. His thesis addressed Roman financial and economic agency.

Sprimont has published four history articles covering topics of ancient Rome, the medieval period, pre- modern Europe, and modern intellectual history.

His primary interests in history are Greek and Roman engineering, the Low Countries during the pre-modern period, and ancient warfare.