2308 Samurai, pt.1

“The term samurai is a word that is almost universally recognized around the world. This is somewhat unusual for a historically based word, particularly for one that traces its origins back to a culture as unique as 10th century Japan. The image conjured by the term samurai for most people is that of a fierce, sword wielding warrior, and while somewhat cliché, is not entirely incorrect. And yet for a historical word and group that is so widely known, very few people really know anything else about these famed warrior figures of Japan’s feudal past.”

This episode was written by Trevor Absolon.

Trevor has published three books on samurai armour and produced a documentary, which aired on the  Discovery Channel. His latest book Samurai Armour is published by Osprey. It is the first in a two part series and focuses on the forms of cuirass that the samurai utilized over the centuries.


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