2402 Mikhail Petrovic Devyataev

“Mikhail Petrovic Devyataev was the 13th child of a Moldovian blacksmith who provided one of the most extraordinary stories of World War 2. The Soviet pilot, captured by the Germans in July 1944, made an incredible escape from Usedom, an island on the Baltic coast, where Hitler’s V rockets were being made to return home, eventually becoming a Hero of the Soviet Union.”

This episode was written by Kevin Middleton.

Kevin lives with his partner and son in Arbroath, Scotland, famous for its 12th century Abbey where the Declaration of Arbroath was written. A keen student of history since his school years, Kevin has a particular interest in Word War 2 human interest stories, the history of the Inca and their last days of empire, and in counterfactual history.