2405 The Battle of Bunker Hill, part 2

“British soldiers in Boston were furious. They were pent up in the city by a bunch of farmers and merchants while their commander seemingly did nothing. April turned to May. The militia forces grew stronger as more companies joined the siege. By now, four colonies were represented at Boston: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Different estimates number the militia force between ten and twenty thousand. Those with adequate weapons, ammunition, or combat experience was dramatically less—not to mention the lack of artillery necessary for carrying out a siege. This made the militia position tenuous and officers expected a British attack at any moment, but none came. Gage was waiting for long-promised reinforcements. “

This episode was written by Michael Gabbe-Gross.

Michael received his Masters Degree in History from the California State University, Sacramento. His thesis project analyzed the Phoenix Program, a CIA counterinsurgency operation during the Vietnam War.


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  1. John Theisen

    Is there an Episode 2404 ?
    I found 2403 (Julius Caesar), and 2405 (Bunker Hill Pt 2), but can’t seem to find 2404…

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