2509 Operation Longcloth

‘By the end of March, the Japanese had conquered Malaya, the Netherlands East Indies, as well as many of the smaller islands around Papua New Guinea, leaving Allied forces in full retreat in the Philippines, New Guinea and Burma. Morale was rock bottom and the Japanese seemed invincible. By the end of May, the Japanese had conquered most of Burma, halting at the Chindwin and Salween rivers as the monsoon rains approached. This proved to be as far as the Japanese intended to go at that point as other campaigns such as the battles in the Solomons and New Guinea took precedence.’

This episode was written by Paul Seeman.

Paul studied Medieval and Modern History at the Royal Holloway University, in London. Then went into teaching completing several postgraduate qualifications including a Masters. He is now a Primary National Leader of Education based in Norfolk UK.

He spends his time between work, family and indulging his passion for military history, primarily through war gaming with the New Buckenham Historical Wargamers.