2610 – John Paul Jones: The American War of Independence comes to Britain

Several American privateers sailed across the Atlantic to British waters, seeking prize money for any vessels they could capture. But Captain John Paul Jones of the US Navy was motivated by a belief in liberty, and was determined to raid the British coast in revenge for the British attacks. He is now remembered as the father of the United States Navy.

This episode was written by Simon Cains.

Simon has a degree in geophysics from the University of Lancaster.  Simon started tracing his family history as a child, found that his 3x great grandfather Cains was conscripted into the English militia and he wondered why they were posted to the Yorkshire coast in 1779, which started a deep interest in the effects of the American War of Independence in England.  Simon has also researched the actions of another great grandfather and his brother who were both killed in the army in France during WW1, and enjoys battlefield tours and alternative histories.