2801 – The Battle for New York

“By the end of 1776, the British had chased the decimated Continental Army out of New York and expected to crush the rebellion once and for all in the new year. What dramatically shifted the odds to Britain’s favor was a campaign that saw the Americans lose battle after battle and suffer thousands of casualties. All of Washington’s plans were dashed and his abilities called into question by Congress and fellow officers alike. The Americans would not reclaim New York until the war ended. While the British victory at New York secured a base of operations from which to wage the war, the unwillingness to destroy the reeling Continental Army after New York ensured the war would continue and ultimately be lost.”

This episode was written by long-time contributor Michael Gabbe-Gross.

Michael received his Masters Degree in History from the California State University, Sacramento. His thesis project analyzed the Phoenix Program, a CIA counterinsurgency operation during the Vietnam War.