Albert Speer, babies and Wainwright!

Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect and later Minister of Armaments for the Third Reich, at the Nuremberg trials was found guilty and imprisoned for 20 years in Spandau prison. He served the full sentence.

During his stay he measured the path round the exercise yard, then each day counted the laps he did each day. His intention was to walk the same distance as Berlin to Heidelberg, a walk he had done before the war. Once he had covered this distance he kept going eventually walking (theoretically) to Mexico via Asia, Siberian crossing the Baring straits.

My daughter is three weeks old and to pacify her I’ve found myself pacing through the house. At 0300 in the morning on my umpteenth lap Speer’s “world walk” crossed my mind and in the intervening days I’ve been keeping track of my laps (my lap is 18 meters through the house).

So far I’ve walked 3960 meters.

Having done Wainwrights Coast to Coast a few years ago I thought I’m track myself in relation to that, which puts me outside St Bees, heading north up the coast just passing St Bees light house!



Just another 305km to go…


If you want to see the route on google earth (Wainwrights and not my route up and down the kitchen) you can download it from this chaps website.