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  1. Jed Docherty

    One of the podcasters mentioned a movie that shows a pike phalanx in combat in a more accurate way. The name of the movie sounds like Ella Triest but I can’t find it on IMDB. Does anyone know the name of the movie?

  2. admin


    Murray tells me the name of the film is Alatriste. It’s a 16th Century phalanx in action.

    If you search ‘alatriste combat’ on youtube the phalanx scenes come up. Theres one 8 min and one 4min, those are the ones he had in mind.

  3. Sigur

    Yeah, it’s Alatriste featuring Viggo Mortensen and others. It’s 17th century stuff, battle of Rocroi IIRC, (of course cooked up in the 16th century and given how we’re seeing Spaniards doing it it’s safe to say that it’s pretty much along the lines it’s been done in the 16th century, albeit with more advanced muskets). Not entirely sure about the swishing around of little dudes in between while the push of the pike was going on, but oh well. We don’t get much 17th century warfare in films at all, so we gotta be happy with what we get and the one from Alatriste is really good.

    That battle scene (which you can find on youtube without any problem) is the only thing really worthwhile about the film though I’m afraid (unless you like duelling. There’s some of that going on). The rest of the film sadly is quite a mess as they crammed too many stories into one and not expertly so.

    In 2014/2015 a Spanish tv series was made about the same literary hero which I enjoyed a lot more than the film. It certainly is more colourful and easier to watch and there are no battles in there, but it’s good, harmless fun with a bunch of great villains (best of them being the little girl).

    As for the actual podcast – thanks very much for doing it! I followed it with great interest. The AW Magazine podcast surely is my favourite history podcast.

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