Guest Audio

We’ve picked up a few hints and tips over the years to help perfect the podcast audio…

If you have a headset and microphone use it. Almost certainly it will deliver better sound quality than your computer microphone. Even the earbuds with microphones you get with your iPhone are pretty good.

Dont panic if you don’t have a headset and microphone. The next best thing to improve your audio is to use headphones/earbuds! This will prevent your computer microphone from picking up the conversation when others are talking, then playing back into the conversation causing feedback.


Skype, Apple Facetime and Google Hangouts all suffer from glitches and occasionally dropout on the line, just when your making your point. At times we also tend to talk over one another in our excitement.

To resolve this the solution is for each participant to record their own audio locally, then send it over for editing. This may sound over technical but its the biggest single thing we’ve instituted to improve the sound quality of the podcasts.

To do this each guest should install Audacity, its free, you can download it here. And you will need to install this to export the final mp3 file.

audacityOnce installed select your microphone.

To check its working press the button with the red dot in and you should start seeing your audio been recorded with green bars bouncing at the top of the screen.

Once recording do not stop and start! This will create multiple tracks over one another…

Once we’ve finished the podcast stop your recording on Audacity and from the top Menu bar select Export Audio and choose MP3 as the File Type.

Provided you installed the libmp3lame the file should export, if you haven’t you will be prompted to download it.

To prevent confusion please name your file with your name and not just the podcast name.


Once the file is ready you can upload it here and send it to [email protected] via:

Any problems shoot me an email…