Patton (again)

I’ve been reading The Fighting Pattons by Brian Sobel, its a look at both George S Patton (the WW2 General) and his son George S Patton IV who attained the rank of Major General in the US army.

It is quiet fascinating, both men would certain appear to be characters.

What I wanted to share was this quote of George Patton IV reminising about watching films with his father in the basement:

“We did have some time together, one of the things we used to do was go down to the basement and shoot. He had a movie projector with films of planes flying around. The screen was armour plate, painted white, and he would sit there with a pistol and shoot at the planes as they flew by. It was something to see: Here you had various types of aircraft flying toward you and away from you across the screen and he would shoot and talk about techniques of fire”.


The book is a good read about two very remarkable men, looking at Amazon it appears like it is about to be re-released.