From the first time as a child I saw George C Scott in Patton: Lust for Glory, General George S Patton Jr has always been a particular favourite of mine, hence he was covered in the second podcast of our first season (and we may go back and look at him again to do him justice).

Over the weekend I was catching up on the Pritzker Military Library podcast and was thrilled to see Benjamin Patton was giving a talk entitled Growing Up Patton: Reflections on Heroes, History and Family Wisdom. It didn’t disappoint, I hadn’t realised the Patton family had military history that went back to the civil war and carried on through to Major General George Smith Patton IV, who served in Vietnam.

A study of a great American original, Growing Up Patton features some of the pivotal figures in Benjamin’s father and grandfather’s life, including Creighton Abrams, the WWII hero who became his greatest mentor; Charley Watkins, a daredevil helicopter pilot in Vietnam; Manfred Rommel, the son of German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel; Joanne Patton, the author’s mother and a resourceful fighter in her own right; and Benjamin’s mentally challenged brother, George. Growing Up Pattonexplores how the Patton cultural legacy lives on, and in the end, reveals how knowing the history of our heritage-famous or not-can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves.”

I imagined Benjamin Pattons book, of the same name, would be a good read….