Replacing 15mm Flag poles

When I ordered a “bag” of 15mm Battle Honors French line infantry a month a go, I didn’t actually expect them to arrive in a bag. The fifty little recruits hadn’t travelled well, we have four snapped Brown Bess and all standard bearers had lost their flag poles.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I painted them up sans pole and waited for inspiration. My first problem was finding a strong thin piece of medal that I could replace the pole with, the solution was a paper clip! The clips I used had a diameter of approx .85mm, and I borrowed two from the office so they were free.

The bigger issue was drilling the hole!

I have a small lathe with drill press which was a good start and I can’t imagine doing it with out some sort of drill press to hold everything steady.

I initially used a .95 drill bit, but then couldn’t get the “pole” in the hole so went up to 1mm and and a bit of fiddling with the set up it worked like a charm. I even managed to reattach two of the eagles to the new improved poles!