Ruins of the Reich

I stumbled into this article on yesterday.

 Austrian Town Wonders What to Do with Hitler’s Home
A debate has erupted in the tiny Austrian town of Braunau over what to do with the building where Adolf Hitler was born. The mayor said last week he wants it to become residential apartments, but many would like to see a memorial instead. The property has been vacant for over a year.
Its incredible how innocuous that building looks, I’m very surprised it hasn’t been pulled down as so much of the Nazi past has to prevent idolatry. I’m led to believe what was left of the berghof has gone, though difficult to forget it’s past, I always thought it looked like it might have been a stunning building in a breath taking setting.
Though some ruins of the Reich clearly remain, these Flak Towers in Berlin were to big to pull down economically.
Flak Towers of the Reich
The main function of the towers was less shooting down Allied bombers, although that was important, but more to put up such a mass of anti-aircraft fire as to hinder bombing attacks on the area immediately around them. Flak, a word used by both sides, is the abbreviation of the German word “Fliegerabwehrkanone,” which translates as “air defense cannon”.

For a very comprehensive view of “now and then” Germany have a look at Geoff Walden’s Third Reich in Ruins website, he has very comprehensively gathered together pictures of buildings as they were and replicated the shot as it is now.