Season 14 Planning

Its hard to believe season 14 is almost upon us!

Toward the end of each season Nick and I vaguely map out the release dates for the next season which effectively puts things in our diaries for the next five months. Our lives seem to be measured in History Network seasons for us to work our lives round.

In the last seven years I’ve got married, become a father, Nick has changed jobs, moved house, moved city and changed jobs again all planned round the measure of time that is a History Network season!

Due to me not getting myself together we have a few gaps in the schedule but here is the lineup as things stand, starting in December:

1401 – The Battle of Poltava
1402 – The Battle of Carrhae, 53 BC
1403 – Scorched Earth
1404 – TBC
1405 – The Cannonade of Valmy
1406 – TBC
1407 – Lend Lease
1408 – Harry Smith – The Hero of Aliwal
1409 – TBC
1410 Р British Commandos: Operation Biting 1942

That takes us through to the end of April!

If anyone would like to submit a script for season 14 (or beyond) they are always more than welcome!

To get in touch just use the contact page, we look forward to hearing from you.