The Cushing Brothers, part 1

Three brothers born in the 1830s in the Wisconsin Territory left a remarkable legacy of bravery, loyalty and determination through their service to the Union during the American Civil War. William, Alonzo and Howard Cushing each fought in separate theaters of that war and their combined service represents a remarkable mosaic of the Union soldier’s experience. In the words of biographer Jamie Malinowski, “[T]he Cushing brothers had an astonishing ability to show up at the Civil War’s most important moments.” The legacy of their service endures. Two of the brothers, Will and Alonzo, were awarded the highest military honors. Collectively, the three have been remembered in the names of streets, a park, a school, and of a series of fighting ships.

This episode was written by Gary Pollard.

Gary is a retired lawyer and businessman who spent most of his career in legal publishing. He now lives near Denver, Colorado. Raised on the north bank of the Potomac River near Washington, D.C., Gary acquired a love for the American Civil War through travels with his father among the region’s battlefields. This early exposure has grown into a lifelong interest in history generally. The story of the Cushing brothers is an extension of a presentation to the Rocky Mountain Civil War Roundtable, which meets in Littleton, Colorado