The Reluctant Warlord: The wars of Marcus Aurelius

Angus Wallace (from the History Network) is joined by Josho Brouwers, Lindsay Powell and Mark McCaffery to look at Ancient Warfare Magazine Volume 7, Issue 6. The Reluctant Warlord: The Wars of Marcus Aurelius.

“With Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Empire was for the first time ruled by two emperors, both adoptive sons of the late Emperor Antoninus Pius (r. AD 138–161). Marcus had selected his nine-year-younger adoptive brother Lucius Verus to be his co-emperor. The two individuals could not have been more different in character. While the ascetic Marcus, whose main interest was philosophy, had been taught to “avoid the ways of the rich” (Meditations 1.3.), critics declaimed against Lucius’ luxurious lifestyle and his habits.”