The Spanish invasion and conquest of Mexico, 1519-1521 – part 1

‘The conquest of Mexico was a landmark in the history of the world, changing its course forever. A mere 600 adventurers, speculators and journeymen from a European nation that had only existed in its current form for a few decades, landed in an unknown land and proceeded to conquer a massive, ruthless and predatory empire in the space of just a few of years. The military and political achievement of the Conquistadors surely ranks as one of the most incredible military expeditions in history and in leading it, the failed law student Hernan Cortes, secured himself a name as one of the most famous generals of all time.’

This episode has been written by Paul Seeman.

Paul studied Medieval and Modern History at the Royal Holloway University, in London. Then went into teaching completing several postgraduate qualifications including a Masters. He is now a Primary National Leader of Education based in Norfolk UK.

He spends his time between work, family and indulging his passion for military history, primarily through war gaming with the New Buckenham Historical Wargamers.