The Spanish invasion and conquest of Mexico, 1519-1521 – part 2

‘It is clear that Cortes was determined, resolute but ultimately, a gambler and risk taker. Thus far he had taken his small force of Castilians and with relative ease, had taken quasi-control of the most powerful empire in Central America. Soon, however, he made a gamble that risked all he had achieved. He had taken on the Aztec political leadership and seemingly won. Now he took on their religion.’

This episode has been written by Paul Seeman.

Paul studied Medieval and Modern History at the Royal Holloway University, in London. Then went into teaching completing several postgraduate qualifications including a Masters. He is now a Primary National Leader of Education based in Norfolk UK.

He spends his time between work, family and indulging his passion for military history, primarily through war gaming with the New Buckenham Historical Wargamers.