Subscribers of the magazine will realise we recorded very close to the release of the latest issued XII.2 XII.2 Wild Allies and Enemies: Fierce fighters, masterful mercenaries, backwards barbarians, we felt it didn’t give people enough time to read it, digest it and feed us your questions, so we decided on another ‘in-between’ episode.

Murray once more suggested the topic for discussion, his was a one word suggestion ‘uniform’, which had us all going off in different directions on what we could talk about, but it’s turned into a very interesting conversation.

So joining Angus are regulars Jasper Oorthuys, Murray Dahm, Marc McCaffery, Lindsay Powell, Mark DeSantis, and joining us for the first time we’d like to welcome Myke Cole.


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  1. GP

    Long time subscriber. Generally very impressed with both magazine and podcast. But last episode (“uniform”) had a guy, “Myke” who was really out of place in terms of intelligent discussion and frankly came off as a poser.
    By the way military personnel who have served in OIF/OEF do NOT like contractors claiming their contracting work there guarding some gate in the green zone constitutes a “tour” or implying they are US military combat veterans if they are not. Nor do they tend to like people with #metoo issues who tend to be internally weak pretending to exemplify them.

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