Wars in Hellenistic Egypt

In this episode we look at Ancient Warfare Magazine Vol X, issue 2 Wars in Hellenistic Egypt: Kingdom of the Ptolemies.

We have a big group of guests with usuals Josho, Murray, Mark and Lindsay, also joining us is Marc de Santis and Seán Hußmann.

“Egypt had been dominated by a foreign power since it fell to the Persians in 525 BC. When Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire in 331 BC, he founded the city of Alexandria as Egypt’s new capital. After his death, one of his generals, Ptolemy Lagides – afterwards known as Ptolemy I Soter (‘The Saviour’) – took control of Egypt and founded the Hellenistic dynasty that would bear his name. This Ptolemaic Dynasty would last until Egypt was taken under Roman rule in 30 BC.”