We need you…

We’ve now finished our 150th episode and closed season 15! So our eyes turn to season 16!

We received a great script from Daniel Sargent (who wrote last seasons excellent German Auxiliary Officers during the AWI) looking at the Belgian Congo, though slightly off topic for us I thought it not only interesting but touched upon topics such as “the scramble for Africa“. This led me to think perhaps we could loosely say season 16 will look at Africa (well with a few episodes), so I have penciled in:

• Violence and ‘Red Rubber’ in the Belgian Congo
• Omdurman
• Italian Defeat in Ethiopia, Adwa
• Lettow-Vorbeck and the defence of German East Africa (reprise)

I think thats probably enough Africa, but we need another six podcasts for the season.

If anyone would like to contribute a script we are in the receive position and would love to hear from you.

Our T&C’s can be found here.