WSS28 – Waterloo Replayed

The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team are back with news, reviews and what they’ve been up to in the hobby.Guy brings us a report from Waterloo Replayed, the giant re-enactment of the great battle in 28mm and he also give us his initial thoughts on Games Workshops new contrast paints.



Realities Edge from Osprey
Saga Age of Magic
SPQR from Warlord

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  1. Doug

    What a sh*tty Waterloo game report.
    It’s bad enough when wargamers are derided as playing with toys, but to have a wargames parasite frame a report on a record breaking event for charity with his toy keyboard, was too much.

    If you want to play with a pathetic little organ, stay home and let someone else do the reports.

    Oh well, last least you didn’t talk over this one like you did the medieval wargame report……

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