Back in 2005 we started listening to podcasts!

We listened to this and that. Some podcasts fell by the wayside as the producers no longer released new episodes; others were more difficult to follow; some were only produced erratically; a few were downright excellent and we still remain subscribed to them today (well done Twit, we’ve been listening from the start!).

But we struggled to find good history (vaguely military) podcasts that we liked, ones that were in-depth, with good audio quality recording (it’s amazing what people thought was acceptable) and factually correct! So with the idea that we might be able to do something ourselves, something we’d like to listen to ourselves, we thought we’d give it a go.

Script written, audio kit and domain name purchased, we built a website and put it out there… We started with an audience of two – us two! Steadily we’ve watched our numbers grow and when those first few podcasts started pull in fifty downloads we got a little excited. Now years later, we average around a million downloads a year!

We always thought we might be able to retire on the proceeds… Ahh – the dot com dream… Alas no…! But we’ll keep striving all the same to produce good quality, regular history (vaguely military) podcasts, hopefully for years to come!

Angus & Nick