New Podcast

WW2_PodcastYou may or may not have noticed we are carrying a new podcast on the website.

Angus (the other half of the history network duo) has launched a podcast looking specifically at the Second World War.

These will be monthly and in each episode he will discuss a topic with a guest. The first episode looks at the German Sd.Kfz. 251 Halftrack, Angus is joined by Paul Hilditch of the Northern WWII Association based in the UK.

In the second episode Angus with Don Keith looks at the sinking of the American oiler the USS Neosho during the battle of the Coral Seas.

The third episode already “in the bag” looks at General Omar Bradley with Jeffery Lavoie. Jeff picked up an unpublished manuscript from eBay which turned out to be an outline for a biography of Bradley by his second wife!

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You can find it on iTunes here.