2602 No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land. Three of the most evocative words of The Great War. Never forgotten by combatants. A place of death, danger, wire, bullets, shells, poison gas, mud, rats, bodies, and fear. A place  which was never safe. When going “over the top” the place where you were most likely to die, but being wounded there could be worse. A quiet place occasionally, an inferno of fire and noise at other times. Occasionally a place of peace and friendship such as Christmas 1914.  But Usually not.

This episode was written by Nicholas Gelber.

Nicholas, who has written for us before, is radiologist from Melbourne Australia with a long standing interest in history. His main areas of interest are World Wars 1 & 2 and the American Civil War, He has been fortunate enough to visit the Gettysburg battlefield 4 times.